Saturday, November 1, 2014

Well THAT Was A Wild Night!

Halloween started out just about perfect yesterday except that I still hadn't bought any candy for the kids and was debating on whether or not I was even going to. I wasn't feeling real well, certainly not well enough to shop for Halloween candy, just kind of icky stomach feeling so I asked Keith if he would do the honors and also pick some stuff up for his lunches.

He came back with two big bags of that gross 'Child's Play' candy, the bags with tootsie rolls, tootsie roll pops and Dots in them, candy that I know I liked as a kid but certainly don't now, which is good so that I don't eat up all the candy before the kids even put on their costumes. When I worked overnight at Walmart stocking the candy section just putting those 'Child's Play' bags of candy out on the shelves made me wonder who actually bought the stuff, along with those circus peanuts.

Anyway, it was a really nice day yesterday, just warm enough but not hot, nice enough to where after my stomach started feeling a little better I went out and mowed the front yard then raked up leaves in the back patio and rearranged things so that Genie's table and basket and cat stand would all be under the little roofed over area of the patio because we were promised rain starting at about 9pm and might as well be prepared. Lucy could stay in the garage overnight.

I was kind of surprised at how many kids we got trick or treating last night and every single one of them said thank you, good manner prep there moms and dads! I sat on the front porch with the candy so that the doorbell wouldn't be constantly ringing, Keith was expecting to go out at 2:30 am and was trying to sleep. It was actually kind of fun to sit out there, such a nice evening that was warm enough to not need a jacket. Lucy was outside with me and thought it a rare treat to have me sitting out there so long even if the kids scared her a little bit. She kept running off and running back and looking around for her chair with her blanket on it, which I had moved out of the way and when you move something to a different place it freaks a cat out. WHERE IS MY CHAIR?!?

Around about 8:00 it looked like the rush was over so I turned out the lights and went back inside, only getting one more brazen kid who banged on the screen in the dark at about 9 and don't kids know that if the lights are out don't knock on the door?

The winds started in about 9:30 with my new wind chime outside my window needing to be taken down because it was going crazy, and our new tree was bending so much that I'm surprised it's still standing today. Things started banging around in the side yard where Keith keeps his junk, one of the pieces of junk being a sheet of metal which the wind picked up and threw around, loud enough to wake him up to go out and check on things. He woke up about 3 more times, he had left his window open to hear the rain, which also started about 9:30, rain that we haven't seen in about 8 months here. Heavy rain for a while, complete with some thunder and lightning. He looked out his window in time to see lightning, and in the glow saw Genie running around like THE SKY IS FALLING!!

He got up again and caught her and threw her in the window to the shed where she has a platform and box to curl up in, who knows if she stayed in there or not, but she was still alive when I got up this morning.

Pepper crawled under the entertainment center when it thundered and Bear sat between the side of the couch and the wall, I didn't see Buddy so he was probably hiding under the bed. Mimi is pretty brave, she just kind of looks around like what the heck is that, and who knows where Harri was during all the fuss.

Fortunately Keith's 2:30 am call didn't happen and he got to sleep in this morning and just went to work about an hour ago. It's still cloudy outside with a few more chances of sprinkles today, so I'm hoping that this storm won't be the last and we will get more this winter. They could be a little quieter storms, though.

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Mom said...

Nice that you got to have a little mini-vacation. The zoo sounds like fun. I've seen pictures of apes of various sorts enjoying their pumpkins, but never in person (not having gone to a zoo in a very long time.)
Apparently the children here went to the party at the club, or perhaps other places, as I didn't have a single one come to my door. I did have some of those little Dove chocolates, just in case (a couple of them make a nice little dessert, and if I nibble them slowly, it's as if I had a real dessert!)754