Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stuff That I Bought On Our Little Trip

It is really nice that with Keith (finally!) having a good job that pays more than enough to live on and save on now we can actually buy things on occasion! Not that we went hog wild like some people do when they hit the job lottery (or the real lottery) and start seeing bigger paychecks coming in. Lots of the guys Keith works with see all that money and go a little overboard on things like new cars and TVs. Not us so far, we will stick with the one car that only has 3 payments left on it and our old TV still works like new so we don't need a bigger better fancier one. Although I'm totally amazed at how cheap big huge TVs have gotten these days. Some day we will get the giant sized under $500 TV but we can't fit it into our TV cabinet so we'd have to hang it on the wall or something. Or get a new entertainment center.

But TVs are beside the point. It's nice to be able to go out to eat once in a while or buy the more expensive better for them cat food, or buy a DVD TV show that I've always wanted to see but don't have cable to see it with. New underwear when your old stuff starts to look dingy, a book from the real bookstore instead of the used bookstore, that sort of thing. It's really nice.

Like the new tables that I got for the living room and the new pillows for the couch. Little not so expensive things that make our home more pleasant, things that we could never justify before, things that we felt a little guilty about if we did buy, like the what is now kind of old but we've enjoyed using it sofa that we got however many years ago it was. The now old sofa that looks pretty darn nasty and dirty in certain light despite my efforts to keep it clean. That's what we get for buying a beige sofa I guess.

Anyway, when we were on our little overnight trip we shopped in Old Town Clovis at the many antique stores they have there. Not that we need any more knick knacks, but certain things just jump out at me while I'm browsing, and say BUY ME NOW! and if the price is right, I do. If the price is too high, I don't. Like the adorable little ceramic bluebirds in one of our local antique shops that were just incredibly cute and I really wanted them, but not enough to pay $25.00 for. Way too much money even if they were the cutest bluebirds in the world.

Here is what I did buy in Clovis.

Two kittens. These are both pretty big cats, the top planter cat is about 5x6" and I think was around $12.00. The second cat is a little bigger, about the size of an actual kitten and I just couldn't resist the happiness of it. It was only $9.50 and it makes me smile when I see it every day on our new sofa table behind the couch.

Yes, we did buy a new sofa table at Hobby Lobby, where I got all of the other new living room tables. Keith and I both really liked it in the store and really like it in the living room.
When I'm antique shopping I find myself drawn to kitty figurines like the ones above and bird figurines these days. Like this one, which is also fairly large and I don't remember the price but it couldn't have been too much or I wouldn't have bought it.
And these two tiny birds were sold as a set for only $5.00! Best buy of the day, and like the kitty they make me smile when I look at them.

 I love their little bow ties, too!

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