Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mimi In The Box

It's been getting a little chilly at night these past few weeks, it is after all November already and yes, winter is coming. The nights here do get cold as winter progresses and while we are warm and toasty in our beds inside, Lucy and Genie are outside all night except on really bad nights when we put Lucy in the garage. The garage isn't much warmer than outside but at least it doesn't get damp and the wind doesn't blow.

We are going to buy them each an Igloo dog/cat house soon, but in the meantime Lucy really needs something to curl up in at night. Genie has her basket (plastic laundry basket) that has a double layer of blankets in it along with a blanket flap that can be folded over the top of the basket while she is inside. She is used to this sleeping arrangement and if it gets real cold and damp she has the tool shed to sleep in.

I was looking around the house for something to make a bed for Lucy until we get her Igloo which hopefully she will use, and found some boxes filled with papers that we really don't need to keep anymore up on the closet shelf. I got one down and emptied it out and put it on the floor in the living room for a moment and guess who saw that box and got right inside it?

Yep. Miss Must Sit In Or On Everything.

As I was searching for this picture to upload I found many other pictures that were titled Mimi In The Box. She does like her boxes. A BOX!!

So, after she finally got out of the box I put a folded towel in the bottom of it and then a blanket and then another blanket on top of the box with an opening for Lucy to jump into the box through and it seems to be working really well for now. Lucy likes the extra cushiness of the towel under her blanket and the fact that it's dark in there with the blanket on top. She has spent the last few nights in there along with the occasional daytime nap. Cozy.

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