Sunday, August 24, 2014

Watering The Yard And Boob Jobs And Stuff

So, I figured I should set the timer when I water the front yard because if I don't I tend to forget that the sprinkler is on and then it runs much much longer than it is supposed to in this time of drought. I'm still watering the flowers on a regular basis but the front yard is only getting some water twice a week. We don't want the water police to come along and fine us after all.

I am kind of glad to see that our next door neighbor's yard is starting to look almost as brown as ours, I've always been embarrassed at how bad our yard looks compared to hers. She has actual gardeners that come and keep it mowed and put fertilizer down and such to keep it green. We are too cheap to pay for gardeners to come mow our yard for us. It's really not that hard to do it ourself. Or myself as it's been for quite some time. Keith's time at home is so limited that he hasn't had time to do much of anything lately, never mind yard work.

I was watching Good Morning America the other day, something I like to do while I'm having my coffee in the morning. Something Bear loves me to do since she sees me sitting there and gets up on the arm of the couch for a good thirty minutes or so of petting. Lots and lots of petting and face rubbing. I may be wasting time watching morning TV but at least one of the cats is getting some face rub time in. Sometimes Buddy will lay next to me when I'm watching TV but his time is usually in the evening. He likes to kind of squish in close and is in kitty heaven when I stroke under his chin.

Anyway, they were doing a story on the lunchtime breast lift, a procedure where a saline solution is injected into the breasts to make them larger. Because who's boyfriend or husband doesn't want them to have bigger breasts, right? The solution is 'safe' since it is absorbed by the body and the whole thing only takes 20 minutes, hence you can do it on your lunch break. Or whatever. This procedure costs $2500.00 and lasts for 24 hours.


Women are so vain and stupid that they will pay $2500.00 for something that lasts only 24 hours? I was thinking of all the things you could do if you have an extra $2500.00 just laying around, things like take a little vacation with your boyfriend or husband instead of giving him big boobs for a day, or hey, maybe donating that $2500.00 to a plastic surgery charity that fixes up kids facial deformities. Or just buy a push up bra and save about $2400.00.

Mimi cat has been kind of boring lately, spending a whole heck of a lot of her time in her cheap cat bed, the cardboard boot box that is holding up surprisingly well, but I did catch her doing her sit upon thing the other day. A magazine had been left on the kitchen counter and

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