Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Murderess Strikes Again

I knew something was up when Genie was sitting at the back door staring in at me the other morning. It always kinds of creeps me out when she sits and stares and I know she wants something but I'm never sure quite what.

She's a very odd cat, she wants to be petted but won't sit still so you can do just that, she kind of runs around you while you are trying to pet her and absolutely HATES being picked up and absolutely HATES sitting on your lap, so trying to pet her if she isn't asleep can be quite a chore. Get a pet, run around, get another pet, run around.

I looked past her into the yard to see if something was bothering her and over by the table and chairs I see a pile of I'm not sure what and then realize it is another dead bird. This time it's a big bird, Genie has managed to catch herself a dove.

She doesn't try to eat the birds she catches, but rather plays with them until they stop moving and then the fun is over and hey, can you come see what I've caught?

Lucy's mockingbird seems to have calmed down, I haven't heard any screeching in the past day or two, and she has staked her claim on her side of the yard and she and Genie seem to be getting a little uneasily along, each one kind of keeping an eye on the other from their respective sides of the yard. It does make mornings a little easier, not having to go out back to feed one cat and then out front to feed the other.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, has been going on around here other than a dead dove. This is the time of year that is most boring here, it's really too hot to do much of anything and the heat makes me even lazier than usual. I am planning on doing the yard this morning before it gets too bad out there, but I have to get myself out there and as you can see, instead of getting out there, I'm at the computer!

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