Friday, July 4, 2014

Too Hot To Celebrate?

Ever since we moved to this place where it gets so hot in the summer, our 4th of Julys have been similar to any other day of the week. In other words, rather boring.

It's just too dang hot to go outside and barbecue and while there are some outdoor festivities this weekend, at least I think there are, it's just too dang hot! I do think that Tehachapi does something involving hot dogs today but the last time we went to a festival in Tehachapi in the summer time I got kind of sick feeling wandering about the streets (because it was too hot!) and really didn't enjoy myself at all. Plus, Keith is not home today to go do anything anyway.

I think the theme today is too hot.

I got to see Keith for just a few minutes yesterday, he got in early early in the morning and was sound asleep when I got up. He spent all day sleeping only to have to catch another train in the late afternoon. I had checked on him a few times throughout the day, hoping any noise I was making didn't disturb him, and apparently it didn't. So, the little bit of time in between him getting his call to work and going out the door was about all I saw of him in not asleep mode.

I'm going to try and get the yard work done this morning before it gets too hot (there's that theme again), I have been watering the front yard every morning in the hopes that the grass seed I scattered will eventually grow and we won't have a huge brown spot in the middle of the yard. It might be my imagination but it does look like the brown spot is getting smaller. I'm about ready to go buy some green spray paint and spray it like that stuff they used to sell for men's bald spots, that instant hair in a can. Instant grass in a can!

So, for those of you who actually have something fun planned for the day, I hope you enjoy yourselves and it's not too hot where you are.

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lynney62 said...

I don't have any plans for today either even tho our weather here in Illinois is quite nice today. I think I'll take a nice walk around the neighborhood and that'll be my celebration! Just wanted to drop in to wish you a "Happy Holiday"! :)