Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Cats All Survived

The noisy 4th of July night with all the fireworks going off around the neighborhood. Mimi was the only brave one who stayed in the living room with me, but she was a little perturbed at the noise and was sitting there in a very unrelaxed way. I found Buddy, Harri and Bear all huddled under Keith's bed and never did figure out where Pepper was hiding. Genie in the back yard is used to a more noisy environment what with weed whackers and leaf blowers going on an almost daily basis. I couldn't find Lucy anywhere, I was going to put her in the garage even though it's just as noisy in there, but absolutely could not find her despite my calling and calling her.

Later in the evening, I remembered that I'd had the shed door open while doing the yardwork, and as she likes to investigate in there when the door is open, I thought I'd better check to make sure she hadn't gotten locked in there, which has happened a few times before. I got the flashlight and opened the door only to see a bunch of cockroaches scurrying around in there (GROSS!) but no Lucy so far. And then I feel her rubbing against my leg, so she must have been hiding behind the shed. Before I could pick her up or close the door or anything else she ran into the shed and hid behind some of the huge piles of stuff we have out there. Don't ask me what all is in there, bags of yard stuff, garden tools, a big whatever kind of saw it is on a big portable bench, some yard furniture, pieces of wood for future projects (sigh), bags of bird seed, shelves full of I don't know what all, and in general just a whole bunch of junk that really needs to be cleaned out and organized but I won't hold my breath about all that.

Anyway, in she goes to hide so I put a big plastic container of fertilizer in the doorway so the door won't shut on her and I guess that is where she will be spending the night.

Keith spent his 4th sleeping in a motel room in Barstow, where I had heard on the news that they might get some rain there because of the monsoon thing that comes through the deserts in Arizona each year. He called me in the evening to let me know he'd be catching a train home and I asked him if it had rained and he said that he heard what he thought was the maid's cart rolling around the hallways but in actuality was thunder. They had gotten a good 15 minute or so downpour while he was sleeping. No rain in months and he sleeps through all the excitement.

Today we have some of the clouds from the monsoons coming through town, which is an unusual sight in the summertime, just as rain is. I doubt anything will happen (like rain) from it but it should keep some of the sun from beating down quite so hard.

It has indeed been hot here.

I felt so bad this morning when I went outside to feed Genie and realized I had left the back patio water misters on all night and the patio was quite wet. No wonder she had been sitting at the back door staring at me for so long last night! Hey lady, come turn off the water! This is the second time I've forgotten so far this year and now will at least know to go check things out when Genie sits and stares.

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