Friday, July 25, 2014

Mahler's Bakery Low Carb Diabetic Bread

Is good but very gas inducing. Very.

We went to get some lunch yesterday, there being not a whole lot in the house in the way of lunch type food and me being (as usual) too lazy to fix anything anyway, so after much discussion we ended up at the Black Bear Diner. The food is okay, nothing all that special about it, just a little fancier coffee shop type food, but the atmosphere is nice and the wait staff usually very friendly.

Keith ordered breakfast and I got the tuna chef's salad, a different twist to the usual chef's salad with meat and cheese on it. The tuna was a little bit too fishy for my tastes but it was an okay lunch. Keith actually had breakfast, real corned beef hash with real corned beef in it and big potatoes, not the uniform chunks of meat and potatoes that come out of a can.

Anyway, we were in the same parking lot as Lassen's Health Foods, a place that I rarely go into because it's just way too expensive and crunchy granola-ey, but I wanted to get a loaf of low carb bread and that's the only place that I know of in town that carries such a thing.

The low carb bread is on the same shelf as delicious looking cinnamon bread with frosting, thanks Lassen's, but I resisted the cinnamon bread and got a loaf of a bread called California Lifestyle Vegetable Protein Bread that says on the label Good For You! and A Good Source Of Fiber.

It's made with wheat gluten, soy flour, almond meal, etc. and has flax seed, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, and a bunch of other vegetables in it. I usually steer away from things with flax seed in them because it does a very gassy number on my stomach, but I figured I'd give it a try.

I toasted the bread, and with a liberal spread of butter on it, not half bad. A little dry but not bad at all except for the having gas (bad gas) a few hours later that lasted the rest of the day.

It is a little weird to see little chunks of bright orange (the carrots I presume) in your slice of bread, though.

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Mom said...

Lassen's is where I get my gluten-free 7 grain bread (Canyon Bakehouse brand)which has various grains but no flax....not dry like Udi's bread, and tastes like "real bread". I don't know what's considered low carb, but the label says 14 grams per slice. They have a really tasty cinnamon raisin version which makes yummy toast.
The muffins I get do have flax in them, so you'd probably not like those, but they are really quite good.