Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Trail Of Poo

I don't know what is up with Pepper these days but you have to walk around the house with your eyes on the floor just in case. She is notorious for pooping in the box and not covering it up, thereby making the whole house stink but now she is leaving a trail of poo balls behind her too.

It started a week or so ago when she pooped outside in the flower bed and didn't cover it up and I had to go get a bag and clean it up since the flies found it two seconds later. Then I see poo balls on the patio. Gee, thanks Pepper, I get to clean those up too! Now she's doing it in the house and not just once in awhile but every day there is poo outside the litter box. Maybe she hates us. Or maybe her poo stinks so bad she is trying to run away from it as it's coming out.


I fell on the floor in front of the couch the other night. My feet get really dry and nasty, especially during the summer when I can't stand to have socks on my feet, so I had put some lotion on them and I guess lotion makes your foot and the rug it's coming in contact with slippery, because my foot slipped and down I went. I didn't really hurt myself and was able to get back up, none of the I've Fallen And Can't Get Up thing going on, but he next morning was a little achier than usual getting out of bed. Buddy was laying on the couch and gave me this look like 'what the hell is up with you and why are you on the floor' but no sympathy, just kind of a dirty look. Maybe my falling disturbed his napping.

I put this empty paper box on my bed this morning, thinking I might use it for storing something in, it being such a nice sturdy box and all, and a few minutes later here was Mimi. Instead of sitting upon this time she was sitting in.

It was kind of a tight squeeze, but she seems to be enjoying it.

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