Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shower Curtains And Bad Buddy

Our shower is one of those with the glass doors that slide back and forth with the runner thing on the edge of the tub that you have to carefully step over to get in and out, the runner thing that I've stubbed my toe on and/or tripped over numerous times. The shower doors have always been impossible to keep clean, especially the three or four inches where they overlap, and they have never slid along their tracks very well, getting stuck frequently and just in general not being something that I liked having. Keith had tried many times to get them out of the tracks to take them down and really clean them but the way they were installed they just would not come out.

The other day the towel bar thing completely snapped off so you know what? It's time to get rid of those nasty shower doors and go with a shower curtain instead. So much easier to keep clean by just taking it down and washing it and if it does get to the point where washing doesn't get it clean, throw it away and get a new one.

Well, getting the doors down was quite the job, with lots of banging trying to get the frame around the doors unstuck from where they glued it in, but finally the doors were down and how disgusting was what had been under that frame all these years, ugh!

Finding a shower curtain was actually a bit of an ordeal, I really didn't see anything that I liked and they weren't as cheap as I remember them being. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on something I didn't like all that much, so we settled on just a plastic one for now and it actually doesn't look all that bad. It's very weird to not see the shower doors there anymore and even weirder to take a shower with a shower curtain after 10 years of glass doors, but I'm so glad I don't have to look at those nasty doors anymore. Or stub my toe and/or trip anymore.
I was sitting on the toilet earlier, something I do quite frequently, but not as frequently as I used to now that I use Oxytrol Don't Pee So Much patches. It really is quite liberating to kind of forget about going to the toilet, something that I'd gotten so used to doing every 30 minutes or so for so many years. Now, I can go for quite some time without needing to go and I can actually leave the house and go shopping or wherever without having to find a restroom as soon as I get where I'm going. I do have some skin irritation from the patches, but that is a small price to pay for bladder freedom.

Anyway, I'm sitting there for a minute and the light was just right and I was looking in just the right direction to see that the edges of the door right at Buddy height were really quite filthy. I guess it's a boy cat thing, he can't pass by too many objects without the urge to rub and mark his territory, and the more he rubs, the dirtier all the corners in the house get. I'm so glad that he is neutered or we'd have something way worse than face rubbing going on.
Here is the culprit, looking like quite the little angel, but yesterday he was quite the devil and bit me hard enough to draw blood.
He likes to get up on the table in front of the computer when I am trying to work on something or read something or whatever. He will stand to where I can't see a thing around his big orange body, so I kind of coax him into laying down so at least I can see. He has to put his head on my mouse holding wrist and flap his tail around and expects copious amounts of petting. I must have petted the wrong way or disturbed him by moving my wrist because next thing I know he is biting my arm. That's when I made him get down and then he hissed at me.

Bad boy!

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Mom said...

The shower curtain is really quite neat looking, with that simple design and nice colors. I have a fabric one in my bath with a plain liner. So much easier to get in and out of the tub with no door or thing along the tub to trip over!