Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Kitchen Towel Wars

It's the little things that really bug you in a marriage. I'm sure there are lots of annoying things I do, but at least I don't wipe my hands on the kitchen towel, wad it up, and then throw it on the counter nowhere near the sink where it belongs. Towels belong either hung on the oven door or hanging off of the sink where they are right next to you when you need to dry your hands.

So, in an effort to keep the kitchen towels where they belong, I've ordered some of those I made it myself towels with the crochet top that have a button to keep them closed and on the oven door or anywhere else you hang a kitchen towel. If there were any church bazaars going on this time of year I'm sure I could find a bunch of them there, but I don't know of any church bazaars and there is no senior citizens craft shop in this town that I know of. So, I ordered some from Etsy.

I could make these myself, I do sort of know how to crochet, but I really don't feel like making these myself and a couple of Etsy sellers will be glad to have a sale, so...

I just need to wait until they get here and see if it actually works to keep the towels in place. I can just see Keith trying to wad and throw one of these, probably breaking the oven door handle in the process.

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