Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Greek Yogurt

Or, If You Can't Beat Em Join Em.

I like yogurt. It's a good snack or breakfast or whatever, but I had given up eating yogurt because most of them are way too full of sugar and carbs. I was eating the fake 'dairy product' low carb yogurt made by Kroger that you can only get at Foods Co or Ralphs and our Ralphs store closed here a long time ago, but I got so very sick of the texture of it that I just can't eat it any more.

So, for a long time, no yogurt. However, my new nurse practitioner told me that Dannon Light and Fit yogurt was okay to eat. Not Yoplait light, even their light yogurt has too much sugar and carbs, but Dannon is okay. Yay!

So, I've been eating Dannon Light and Fit since my visit with her a few months ago, but it's hard to find very many flavors of it and it seems like the store's yogurt shelves have been completely taken over by the new food fad, greek yogurt. I know greek yogurt is better than regular yogurt but my VPE syndrome (very picky eater) keeps me from eating it because the texture is just too thick. Or something. I tried it a few times, Dannon does make a Light and Fit greek yogurt, and didn't really like it, but when I found a couple of new flavors in the Dannon brand, specifically cherry chocolate (chocolate!) and raspberry, I gave it another try and think I will get used to the thickness of it eventually. The cups are only 80 calories, so you can eat it for a snack and get lots of protein or whatever it's got in it that's good for you, it's kind of filling, and hey, you can get it in chocolate (CHOCOLATE!)

I also found a strawberry cheesecake flavor, the Dannon Light and Fit regular yogurt comes in that flavor and I really like it and buy it whenever I go to the one store in town that carries that flavor, and the greek version is just as yummy albeit thicker.

If I can just get past that thickness thing I think I'll be all right.

Oh, I also tried the other latest and greatest food fad, kale, in a salad, and no. Just no. It's kind of bitter and while crunchy, just not something I'll ever eat again. I don't care if it's the new super food. And don't even talk about cooking it, nothing is more upsetting to my VPE than cooked greens of any sort. Ugh.

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