Sunday, February 2, 2014

Being Even More Lazy Than Usual

Actually, my morning yesterday didn't start out being extra lazy but the day did end up that way. Keith had gone out on an overnight dogcatch, meaning they had to go relieve a crew stuck on a siding somewhere. He said that the first 5 hours of the shift were spent still stuck on that same siding. Anyway, he was due home sometime in the morning, so I wanted to get the noisy vacuuming type cleaning out of the way before he got into bed for the afternoon. I also did numerous loads of laundry.

I've been having this annoying leg pain for weeks now, just a dull ache in my right leg, not enough to get really concerned about or rush to the doctor (which I will do if this keeps up much longer) but enough to where it makes me irritable and makes it hard to get to sleep sometimes. I've tried the usual pain meds, plain old aspirin seeming to work the best, but if I sit too long, it hurts, if I stand too long, it hurts, and running a few errands on the bike the other day seemed to make it hurt even more. I've been looking online for possible causes or remedies but nothing I've found seems to fit this specific ache. I did read yesterday to try putting your leg up as much as possible, so that's what I did. I reclined the couch and put a throw pillow under the achy leg and it did seem to help quite a bit. But, what to do while resting with your leg up on the couch? I didn't want to watch a movie, Keith being asleep all afternoon and evening and me not wanting to disturb him, so I read. I had just gotten a couple of books in the mail from one of those used booksellers on Amazon, where the book is only a penny but the shipping is $3.99, so the books are basically four bucks each, and ended up reading both of those books. And then starting on another one. I don't normally spend $4.00 on a used book but had been searching for these particular books at my favorite used bookstores and not finding them for quite some time now. Easier to just pay a little more and have them delivered when it's something specific.

So, lots of couch time yesterday but the house was cleaned first and I even did some cooking. We wanted to go to lunch last week, something that Keith's higher paying job makes possible now, and we wanted to go someplace a little different so we chose California Pizza Kitchen, someplace that I had actually never been to before. It's a really nice restaurant but most of the menu is a little too 'fancy' for picky eater me, and also way too carb laden. I chose the bbq chicken salad and Keith had some sort of pasta with shrimp. The salad was good, but the prices seemed rather, well, pricey, so I don't think we'll be going there again. Forty bucks for lunch seems about twenty bucks too high as far as I'm concerned. If I want carb laden pizza for lunch I think I will just stick with Cubbies where you can get a huge, and I mean HUGE slice of pizza and a drink for $4.00 on weekdays. Anyway, I decided to try and recreate the salad at home. Not too difficult, you just need some lettuce, corn, black beans, jicama, chicken, dressing, and bbq sauce. I used ranch dressing which didn't taste quite like the dressing at Pizza Kitchen and I don't really like ranch all that much, so I was a little disappointed in my homemade salad, but with further research I may be able to find their dressing recipe and try it again. This was my version.

I've found the best bottled bbq sauce ever, even though it is really expensive, it is well worth the price. It's called Noh Hawaiian and it is DELICIOUS! I use it a lot, sometimes just microwaving a chicken breast for lunch and warming up some sauce to put on it.

I've never tried the spicy version because I prefer sweet to spicy. Like I said, it's expensive, but well worth it.

Bear was lazy yesterday, too, I found her half in and half out of one of the cat tower hideaways.

She does have quite the rotund little body, doesn't she?

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Jennifer said...

You could have restless leg syndrome or sciatic nerve pain. I get the sciatica and it sucks. Your not supposed to stretch your leg because it pulls the nerve. I would get it checked out if it continues.