Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Inspiration

After doing my books for my Etsy shop on Friday, once again I've spent too much money and not made enough to show for it. I was very discouraged over the weekend and thinking seriously about just not doing it any more.

But then, what WOULD I do all day? There is only so much housework to be done in such a small house, and winter came back for us this week so it's cold outside so I don't much feel like being out in the yard gardening or anything like that. Not that we have any water in this state to do gardening with anyway.

So, what to do? Continue making stuff but not listing too much so my fees aren't so high? Make only what I have supplies for already? Find another hobby? Get a job? If there were any jobs within walking or biking distance that is. No, we are not going to buy another car so I can go to a minimum wage job, that's for sure.

Anyway, I felt a little bit better about it all after I woke up this morning to 4 orders, one of which was for 9 items. Maybe I'll keep doing this for a bit longer! Maybe I should think about closing my shop every day so that a sale or two will come in. That seems to be the way it works sometimes, doesn't it?

I spent most of yesterday on the couch resting my leg again and it really did seem to help. I've figured out that if I sit in a chair too long that's when it starts to hurt, so today I stood at the kitchen counter to do my gluing and gift tag making, having gotten in the mood to make stuff again, see above about the sales and renewed enthusiasm. I only sat down when necessary, and my leg felt pretty darn good today. Plus they say standing is much better for you anyway, much as I like to sit. I got quite a bit done and my leg is only now starting to ache a little bit since I'm sitting at the computer stool, so I won't be sitting here too much longer.

And now for the latest installment of Mimi Sitting On Things. I did a little dusting this morning and left one of my dustcloths folded up on the counter and then went to run an errand. I walked back in the house and of course Mimi has found my dustcloth and parked her bottom on it. Last night there was one piece of paper of Keith's on the end table and she sat on it for a good half hour.

Please disregard the little pieces of dirt on the counter, it is actually cat food crumbs, we keep one of the cat dishes right about where Mimi is sitting most of the time for Harri to jump up there and try to eat without Buddy scaring her away from her food.

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