Friday, January 24, 2014

The Very Windy Day And Somebody is Sleeping Again

I'm hearing snoring as I type this and it's not coming from Buddy this time. Buddy makes some very strange sounds when he is sleeping and so does Keith, who is currently zonked out on the couch. At 2:30 in the afternoon.

After his meeting the other day he was sent out on a job with another conductor who was prepared to help Keith get the extra training that he needs, unfortunately the roads are slow right now and they were driven in a van to Barstow to bring a train back to Bakersfield, so he only got half of a trip. The conductor helping him did sit with him at the terminal and went through all kinds of stuff with him, showing Keith how he tends to over complicate things and if he just concentrates on the basics he should do much better. He got home yesterday at like 6:30 am and went right to bed, sleeping until late afternoon and then falling asleep again in the early evening. So, of course he woke up in the middle of the night because really, he didn't need any more sleep. He is currently waiting and hoping he goes out again sometime tonight with the same conductor for some more intensive training, because this trip will be his last training trip and if he can't get it together after this he will get fired at the very next mistake he makes. So, here's hoping it is all sinking in and he can make it through the next few months without incident and sooner or later the eyes watching him now will look elsewhere.

We were warned by the weatherman that we were going to get some very high winds yesterday and today and along with the winds lots of dust and dirt blowing around. Since it hasn't rained in so long and everything is so dry, the dust and dirt did indeed get pretty bad yesterday, bad enough to where if you looked outside the sky was brown. The only good thing about the wind was that it blew all of our leaves into nice piles in the backyard. Unfortunately in the front yard it the wind always blows the leaves against the front door.

It's still windy today but the sky doesn't look quite as dirty since all the dirt was blown around yesterday and must have been blown off out of town. It's not fun trying to walk around outside, though, unless you like feeling like you are being pushed over. We're all really hoping that someday it will rain again, but I'm beginning to feel like we are living in the dust bowl days around here. Dirt and more dirt.

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