Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let's go to a Hockey Game!

We have a local hockey team here in Bakersfield, a team we have only seen once in action since we aren't all that much into hockey. They do run ads on TV during their season, with promotions like free hockey sticks for the kids, free pillow pets, free hats, the usual stuff to try and entice you into coming and seeing a game or two. They even have underwear night, where no you are not supposed to come in your underwear, nor do you get free underwear, you are supposed to bring new and still in their package underwear (they have to spell that out, they really do around here) that will be donated to homeless shelters or wherever new underwear is needed.

Well, the ad I heard the other night made me stop in my tracks and get ready to go to a hockey game because one lucky person was going to win a free cemetery plot. Well, hot damn, lets grab the kids and get going to the game, because we might win a FREE CEMETERY PLOT!

Seriously? Did I really hear that? Really?

It was almost as bad as the commercial for the casket store that I used to see every once in awhile on TV here. The casket store owner would bring out his mother during the commercial. Very Norman Batesish.

And yes, we do have a casket store over in Oildale with a sign that simply says CASKETS on the side of the building. Maybe they should cross promote with the cemetery and supply a free casket to put you in so you'll be all ready to take advantage of your free plot.

Only in Bakersfield.

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