Thursday, December 26, 2013

Even Our Holidays Are Boring

Well I think yesterday was our most boring Christmas to date. Wonder if we can top it next year! We did go over to IHOP for breakfast, timing it just right to not have to wait for a table. I tried the holiday special eggnog pancakes with my bacon and cheese omelette and I'm sorry, but despite how good eggnog pancakes sounds, they are definitely NOT good. I like eggnog but not on my pancakes I guess.

So, breakfast over with, it was time for Keith to take a nap, which he did on and off all day long. He didn't sleep well that night, expecting a phone call at 3 am for work, but his start time kept getting pushed back all day and he ended up catching a 7pm train last night. While he napped I tried to read a book but that was making me sleepy so I ended up messing around on the computer for a while and in general just having a very dull lazy boring day. I didn't have any big dinner planned since we knew he'd be working sometime on Christmas, not that I would have enjoyed making a big dinner anyway, so no cooking for me, but also no Christmas dinner.

Joe and his girlfriend stopped by late in the day to pick up the few little gifts we had for them, both of them looking exhausted after being woken up at 6am by three kids wanting Christmas to start, then spending another frenzy of gift opening at her parent's house, followed by a day spent with Christmas overloaded kids and a big dinner fixed by her mother, who is one of those who actually does like to cook. They went off to go home to put on their pajamas and watch TV and I did the same.

I wish we had some better traditions or something that we do on holidays, but this year being so odd with the railroad hours, and not having tons of money to spend on doing things or buying each other stuff we don't really need, it was basically just another day. I guess breakfast at IHOP has become our tradition. Ho ho ho!

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