Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Little Bit of a Road Trip

We were not planning on going down to the annual Christmas dinner at my sister's in Ventura this year, what with Keith being on the road and who knew if he'd be in Bakersfield or Barstow that day, but it just happened to all work out to where we were able to drive down for a few hours after all.

He had gotten in late Saturday night, sometime around midnight, got himself something to eat and watched some TV while I was sound asleep, and then woke up about 10 on Sunday morning. His tentative call time was for 1:30 am on Monday, so I asked if he wanted to drive on down. I volunteered to do the driving on the way so he could sleep, rest, whatever, and did pretty well with that despite hardly ever driving anywhere these days. The only traffic we hit was after we got to Ventura and got off the freeway onto a very crowded street with everyone wanting to turn onto the same street as us.

We had a nice afternoon but had to leave earlier than everyone else so that Keith could go home and get some more sleep before that midnight call to work. It was still light outside so I drove again, doing okay until we got to Castaic where it was getting full on dark and I was having a hard time seeing since my eyes are really bad in the dark anymore, so I woke Keith up and had him drive the rest of the way home.

When we got in the house he laid down on the bed with all his clothes on just to 'rest his eyes' for a while and never did wake back up. When I got up yesterday he had gone off to work already and should be home sometime this afternoon, just in time for Christmas Eve even if we have no plans and certainly aren't waiting for Santa to come since we didn't do any gift buying this year.

I'm sure he will head back out to work sometime tomorrow, so the extent of our festivities may be breakfast at IHOP if that.

I'm really glad we were able to go to Ventura, though, it was nice to get to see everyone!

Now I'm going to brag about our weather. I feel sorry for all those stuck in icy snowdrifts all over most of the rest of the country while we are going to be enjoying temps in the high 60s all week. I rode the bike up to Winco yesterday and actually had to take my jacket off on the ride back home because I was getting too hot!

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PixieVintage said...

Hope you and your kitties have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas day! Enjoy your mild weather too - or better yet, send some of it my way! It's freezing here. Merry Christmas!