Friday, October 18, 2013

Another Week Gone By?

And where did all the time go?

Not a whole lot has gotten done around here, either, just the usual vacuuming up of cat hair, scooping up of cat poop, but fortunately I don't think there was any vomit involved this week.

It's been a stressful week, actually a stressful lot of weeks, with Keith just not able to settle down and having a lot of anxiety about his job and worry about the future and it didn't help that they almost ran over a drunken bum who was passed on on the tracks with his head laying on a cardboard pillow on the rail the other evening.

This week he went back into training mode after speaking with the trainmaster and supervisors and people like that, telling them that he just didn't feel completely ready for the job. They allowed him another 10 days of training which seems to be helping but he is still making himself sick with anxiety. So sick that I made him call the doctor and he went in on Monday and got some medication. Of course, it takes a few weeks for the meds to really kick in and then he has to go back to the doctor to see if they are working and if not to have the dosage adjusted.

I'm trying so hard to be patient but sometimes I just want to smack him upside the head and tell him to SNAP OUT OF IT! But, that is the wrong tactic when dealing with depression and anxiety. I think a big part of it is the fact that he turned 55 this year and sees most of his life behind him instead of ahead, and then there is the worry about having enough set aside so that we aren't living out of shopping carts in ten years when he turns 65 and wants to retire. Or laying on railroad tracks with cardboard pillows.

And, what else is going on?

Beautiful beautiful weather at least! October is one of the nicer months up here in Bakersfield land, with no need for air conditioners or heaters all month and the air hasn't gotten too dirty yet. Sunshine and birds singing all day! Windows open and sort of fresh air in the house. Too bad we don't have a beach nearby.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh no. :( My hubby went through something like this a few years ago, with a huge change in income due to the economy, paired with relocating, and so many other things. It's good you're trying to be patient with him. I tried to find good books for hubby to read that would enlighten him, it took a while for some of it to sink in, but he see's life differently and realizes that it's all about how we look at it. Being grateful for what we have and not stressing about how much we don't have, or having that I'll never be happy until I have MORe... He should try to focus on being excited about this new opportunity that he's dreamed about for years, doing the best at what he does, and just being proud of himself for getting here. (at least that was the way of thinking I had to get my own hubby to see, how much he has accomplished and should be proud of himself and motivated by it, to do his best and push on) Easier said than done most days, but one day at a time... baby steps. :) We don't need as much as we think, and it doesn't all have to be solved in one day either. xo. ♥