Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Weird Stuff On Etsy

I haven't done a lot of browsing on Etsy lately, it just seems so crowded and difficult to find anything of any value, you see a whole lot of junk and a whole lot of mass produced jewelry and then once in a while you do find a gem hidden in amongst it all. I do see some nice things on the front page, and also some that are just 'what in the hell' kind of items.

Like this one.

At first glance it looks interesting and arty and all, and that is what made me click on it. And then I just thought you have got to be kidding me.

It is 'art' made out of crushed used coffee cups, complete with lipstick stains, all hot glued together and marketed as upcycled kitchen art. Yeah, I'd like to have this hanging in my kitchen, it would probably be a good diet aid because I'd be losing my appetite every time I looked at this. Not only is it ridiculous, it costs like forty bucks with another forty for shipping.

Here's another one, with more lipstick stains.

On this one you can see where the hot glue gun started to melt the cup, but this one is way more affordable, at only twenty bucks.

And, I thought that Etsy sellers had finally evolved beyond the tampon, uterus, and poo crafts, but I found this in the jewelry/brooches section. Poo pins. Lovely.

Well, I spoke too soon yesterday, Keith has to take a test on the radio controlled operations tomorrow so he is once again a bundle of nerves. They also have his sign on for the computer system all messed up so that he is able to sign on as management but can't figure how to get in there to bid on a job. If he knew how to use a computer better he could do all kinds of things that he shouldn't be able to do in there, like move people around and maybe even give himself a raise. The trainers have known about it since the beginning but haven't fixed it yet so he is very anxious about that and not knowing what he is going to do next week when he has to start marking up to get assigned to a job. I just hope things get straightened out and he passes the radio control test so that he can sleep at night and stop worrying so much.

Oh, and you are all getting poo pins for Christmas this year!

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