Saturday, September 28, 2013

Watching The Birds And Enjoying The Breeze

Okay, Bakersfield kind of sucks most of the time, but the weather in early fall almost makes up for it. Well, sometimes anyway. It is SO nice to be able to have the windows open and the breeze blowing through and not have to turn on the air conditioner. So nice.

Bear and Mimi were enjoying it this afternoon, laying by the back door watching the birds at the feeder. Buddy was there for a while, too, but got up and left as soon as I got the camera. He was laying right next to Mimi and for once was not starting a fight with her. He is such a BOY.

I got my carpets sort of clean today. Ever since my shampooer died and I couldn't find an affordable replacement at the store, we have been living with nastier than usual carpets. I had seen a Resolve carpet cleaner scrub brush thing at Target and kept meaning to buy it and kept forgetting but finally got it into my cart today and after a second trip to Target to buy more cans of the foam cleaner, now have a much better looking living room. It's fairly easy to use, it's basically a scrub brush on a stick, and you put the can of foam cleaner in the stick and push a button and the foam comes out and you brush it in with the stick and then vacuum after it dries. It really makes the house smell good and most of the stains on the carpet have disappeared for now. I would just pay someone to come in and steam clean but am too cheap and too embarrassed by our crappy carpet to do that, so do it yourself for me.

It cost $17.99 for the stick and one can of foam, and then $3.99 each for the other 2 cans that it took for the entire living room, but next time I clean I'll just need the cans of foam, so all in all I think it was worth it, it really did do a good job and I got some exercise scrubbing the carpet with the stick thing. It's nice to buy something and have it actually work.

Keith left this afternoon for his first day of real being a conductor work. He took his radio control test on Thursday and marked up for a yard job for the week. He was kind of nervous and doing some pacing today and complaining a bit about how weird it is to go to work in the afternoon instead of first thing in the morning, but I am hoping things go well today and he gets settled into all of this and quits pacing.

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