Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mopping Floors and Bear Hiding and Such

I don't get real excited about having to mop floors. Granted, our house is small and there are not a lot of floors that need to be mopped, but the floors we do have get dirty, especially in the kitchen with our fake wood floor that gets water dripped on it every time dishes are washed or Keith washes his hands. It's not that we are nasty dirty people, just that we are kind of messy in the kitchen and things do spill and drip. So, I like to mop the kitchen floor at least every few days.

I've tried them all, sponge mops where you need a bucket of water and swiffer mops where you have to buy the wet pads to stick on the bottom of the mop, but recently while shopping in Target (my most favorite store ever) I found the Libman Freedom Mop, I guess because it frees you from buckets of water or stupid swiffer throwaway pads. It's got a dispenser that you fill with the cleaning solution mixed with water, and a washable pad on the bottom so you don't have to spend hard earned money on more throw away pads. Just toss the washable pad in the washer, duh. To work the mop, you just press the trigger and the floor gets sprayed with the cleaning solution and then just mop. It dries quickly and the mop even has a handy dandy thing to hang it on a hook with so your damp mop pad isn't sitting on the floor.

I can't remember exactly what I spent on this, but I'm pretty sure it was less than $20.00 and so far it has been well worth the money. I highly recommend it and Swiffer, sorry, but you can keep all of your expensive throw away pads that in my opinion really don't clean all that well anyway.

I'm also quite happy with my Bissel carpet sweeper, I used it yesterday morning while Keith was asleep and while the cats look at it with some trepidation and it does make a little squeaky kind of noise when you roll it back and forth, it does a nice job of picking up dirt and even cat hair.

Bear and sometimes Mimi both like to hide under the quilt that is on the couch, it hangs just close enough to the floor in front to where they can burrow under it and think nobody can see them.

Bear's behind is so large that as you can see, it usually hangs out, just not quite enough room under there. I have sat on the couch and kicked her a few times, totally accidental, not realizing she was there.

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