Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's Difficult

To get used to the schedule Keith was on last week and is on this week. He goes in to work in the late afternoon and gets home sometime after I've gone to bed. It's very strange (and kind of in my way) to have him home during the day when it's not a weekend day, and hard to not start vacuuming or doing some other noisy activity first thing in the morning. He does have a few weeks coming up where he'll do a day shift, but before that he has a week of late late night shifts, like 11:30 pm start times, and one week where pretty much each day will be different.

It was a rough week for him last week with lots of walking and very very tired feet. They have to wear steel toed boots which weigh about 8lb each, and he used muscles that he forgot he even had. We did get him a new pair of insoles for his boots which he said helped some, but still. Nothing worse than achy achy feet. Well, maybe achy achy feet and all your clothes wet from sweat.

It's hot here, we are going on day 13 of over 100 degrees. Give me six months and I'll start complaining about how cold it is.

Keith is also worried about how much learning he has to do still and passing tests and studying and I never realized quite what a worrier he is. He gets very stressed out about things and worries, worries, worries. He said he should have done more studying on his days off this week, so I told him that I will start nagging him about it. He did get a new faucet for the bathroom and put that in today, it had been dripping for months now and finally started to get on his nerves, too, but we probably should have put it off a bit longer since after he was done he started worrying about not studying again. Sigh.

I just hope he makes it through these next 10 or so weeks to go without making himself sick with too much worrying.

I'm still making things for my Etsy shop even though this past month was the absolute worst for sales ever. I'm just making things that are fun for me and if they don't sell I don't really care anymore. It's just a hobby now, making a profit went away a long time ago when something changed on Etsy and things just stopped selling. Maybe it's just that there is too much on Etsy now, hundreds of thousands of shops and millions of items. I know when I start searching for certain things I get kind of fed up at not finding what I'm looking for and having to wade through so much stuff that is not what I want. And don't even get me started on all of the shops from China! Etsy is quickly becoming Ebay Jr. or your local swap meet. Lots and lots of cheap junk.

I attempted to watch that new 'reality' show Siberia and made it through two episodes and decided it is just too too annoying to watch. I've never watched much in the way of reality shows like Survivor even though somebody must watch them because they keep putting more of them on the air. While watching Siberia, which I guess is going to have some strange animal or aliens or something that attacks all the contestants, I just got bored with it all and tired of the little 'interviews' with the contestants, and kind of wish the animal or aliens or whatever would just go ahead and kill them all already. But, no, they have to drag it all out at least for the summer season.

Anyway, that is about all that is up with us so far this week. I'm also finding it difficult to blog because the computer is in the bedroom where Keith sleeps and he also uses the desk for his studying, so...if I don't blog it's not because our lives are so fun filled and exciting, it's just because I can't get to the computer.

Oh, and I'm doing pretty well on my new diet and my stomach feels somewhat better. Except that I forgot that flaxseed does a number on me and ate some low sugar instant oatmeal that only has 100 calories in the last two mornings, instant oatmeal that also has flaxseed in it which gives me horrendous gas and makes my stomach hurt. I'm throwing the rest of that oatmeal away.

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