Friday, July 26, 2013

I Guess

I've been busy or something because it's been almost a whole week since I posted anything. Either that or there is nothing to post about.

Today is Keith's Friday, which is fitting since it actually is Friday. He's been getting home about 10:30am, totally exhausted. The job he is on this week is out at a gas plant or something outside of Shafter, where they go pick up tanker cars, shuffle them around, block the road for the commuters early in the morning and make people really angry, shuffle more cars around, and sometimes just sit in the cab of the locomotive waiting for clearance to get on the tracks. He is learning a lot but there is still a whole lot more to learn. I'm just hoping that he can make it through all of this, it is not an easy job and the weird hours make it even harder.

I've been trying to keep the house fairly quiet in the afternoons/evenings when he is trying to sleep but I can't control the many many gardeners with leaf blowers that seem to be blowing constantly.

The cats are all kind of confused and a little mad at me because they are no longer being let outside in the mornings. They sit there by the back door and stare at it, like hey lady, what's up with this? Buddy had been acting very weird this past week, snarling and hissing anytime we got too close to him, then going off into the hot garage to hide. I figured he wasn't feeling good for some reason but he wouldn't let me get close enough to him to see what was bothering him. The day before yesterday I did notice that his face looked a little swollen around his jaw and thought maybe he had gotten stung or bitten by a bug. Then that evening after Keith left for work I was sitting at the computer and happened to look behind me where Buddy was sitting on the bed and I see blood drops on the bed. He had blood on his chest and leg and on his paw, and was licking his leg, so I'm thinking he had some sort of wound on his leg. He ran off before I could check him out, so I went to bed a little worried about him.

The next morning he seemed to be feeling better and let me pet him and as I brushed my hand along his body I could feel something under his chin. He had dried blood under there, so what I figured happened was that he had a wound under his chin that turned into an abcess or scab and he scratched it open, hence the blood. He won't let me get close enough to wash it all off and take a look at it, but he will let me pet him and isn't all hissing and snarling anymore.

So, no more going outside because this is the second time he's gotten wounded since we have been letting them all go out. They'll get used to it after a while, they do have small brains after all, and probably will soon forget about the great big outside world.

I've been having fun working on cupcake and cake toppers, with matching pins or magnets.

Mimi is still sitting on things, I had my file box of paper out in the living room and of course it makes a perfect thing to sit on.

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