Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Jennifer Mimi Sitting Again and The Evils of Splenda

First off, Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Here is a cat picture for you. Yeah, gee thanks, Mom. Just what I've always wanted!

I was going to do some dusting this morning since I still haven't cleaned our knick knack cupboard in the living room after the dust storm on Sunday, and got as far as putting a cleaning rag on the counter. I came back later to find Little Miss Must Sit On Things sitting on it. It's a folded up cleaning rag so only a small part of her actually fits on it, but even small things must be sat upon apparently.

You can just barely see a corner of it under her.

And now for the Splenda part of my post. I've been using Splenda instead of sugar for quite a few years now and have also been gassy for quite a few years, something I just assumed was a part of getting older or eating too much fiber or whatever. But, the past few weeks I've been having really bad stomachaches and extra bad gas and cramping and just not feeling well. I'm of course thinking stomach cancer or some other horrible disease of the digestive system but then got to thinking about the splenda. We had discussed whether or not it gives you gas in the past and had googled it and yes, it can. I had tried some other sweeteners, stevia and monk fruit, but the generic knock-off splenda is a lot cheaper than those so I went back to it. Much to my stomach's distress, I guess. I threw away the splenda and got a stevia/sugar blend that tastes good and whaddya know, my stomachaches are largely gone and I'm not so gassy anymore.

Moral of the story? Sometimes it's better to pay more and not have a stomachache and gas.

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