Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cats Indoors and Outdoors

Keith decided to start letting the indoor cats out into the backyard for a little recreation which is probably a big mistake but maybe they will lose some weight if they get out and walk around a little more. Buddy and Mimi both thought it was wonderful, they smelled everything and looked at everything and Buddy even figured out where to hide in the hopes of catching a bird at the bird feeder.

Pepper goes right for the dirt where she rolls around, Bear is pretty brave and explored quite a bit, but Harri is still Little Miss Timid and mostly stayed right by the back door, looking for some grass to eat of which there wasn't much. I went around the side of the house and pulled some nice fresh green stuff for her.

However, poor Genie does not like it at all. I was cleaning up the back yard from all the leaves blown around and unripe plums knocked off of the tree in Sunday's gale force winds (complete with a tornado!) yesterday and let all of the cats come out and join me. Genie sat frozen in her basket, not moving and not looking at the other cats in the hopes that if she can't see them they can't see her. I finally made everyone come back inside, Buddy being the biggest protester, and then picked Genie up out of her basket so that she could see that her yard was hers again.

Now we have to watch out for escaping cats when we open up the back door, though, that taste of freedom is apparently quite sweet in their mouths and they want more.

We have a bad bad bad stray cat, the black and white cat that fights with all of the other strays and comes around looking for food. He has rushed the back door at night a few times now, totally freaking out the indoor cats who rushed the back door in response, almost crashing through the screen, and then spending the rest of the night all scared and making that low distress meowing sound that they do. That's all we need is a huge cat fight in the back yard with our cats involved, so now we will have to be very careful about leaving the glass door open with just the screen closed in the evenings.

Late yesterday afternoon Pepper managed to bolt out the door and then I forgot that she was out there until it was full on dark a few hours later. She came in willingly by then.

Buddy exploring and sniffing things.

Mimi was sitting upon things again yesterday. I had pulled the vacuum into the front bedroom and there was just enough cord on the floor for her to sit on. Usually there is a bigger coil of cord, but she managed with just this little bit.

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