Sunday, April 21, 2013


Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, we had all the doors and windows open all day and it was warm but not too hot with a nice breeze blowing through the back yard. Our flowers have been blooming for about a month now, but they've really popped these past few weeks with the way warmer temps and summer just around the corner. And the summer heat just around the corner, of course.

So, I'm going to enjoy every single day of this nice weather until it gets too hot and we are all sweaty and cranky all the time.

Just some of our blooms.

This is the front yard planter, where our tree that was blown over by the wind a few years back used to live. We took out all the old scruffy overgrown plants earlier this year and replanted and these guys really seem to like this spot. They were all tiny plants when we put them in, those little six pack plants and it seems like they get bigger and bigger every day.

And, these are just some of the backyard blooms.

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