Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dime Store Decorating

Or should I say dollar store decorating since nobody under the age of about 35 remembers what a dime store was. Dime stores were wondrous treasure troves of things you didn't know you needed along with a luncheonette in the back where you could get a grilled cheese sandwich or an ice cream sundae. They were nothing like the horrible dollar stores of today that carry mostly cheap junk that isn't even worth that dollar you are spending on it.

But, I digress.

Recently while messing around on Etsy I found these 1974 Foremost ice cream labels for the bargain price of $5.00 for a whole packet of them and I just had to have them, thinking of framing them for in the kitchen. They arrived the other day so I rode over to the dollar store to look at frames for them and found a couple that would possibly work, but then found better ones at Walmart for only 95c instead of a dollar. I framed them yesterday morning and put some in our dish cupboard in the living room and the rest up above the closet doors in the kitchen.

Well, actually only one closet door, the other two doors for the laundry closet are still in the garage waiting to be touched up with paint and have hinges put back on them, a place where they have been waiting for a few years now.

The closet doors that were supposed to have been put back up in May of 2012 and it is now almost May of 2013.

So, please disregard the parts of these photos where you can see into our laundry closet with all the junk on the shelves.

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