Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cats Sleeping in Strange Places

Before I get to the cats sleeping in strange places, something any cat parent is used to, I went out front to feed Lucy this morning at 6 am, still not quite light outside, and she is looking across the street as I'm pouring food into her bowl. I think that maybe one of the strays is hanging out over there, just waiting for an opportunity to come over and steal her food, but when I look over there it's not a cat but a big tree branch on the ground, and when did that happen?

I had a bit of deja vu feeling, remembering when our tree came crashing down in the wind just as I happened to look out of the front window. This one doesn't look as bad as our tree did, but many of these trees on our street have either been hit by lightning (once) or had winds knock them down. They just get too top heavy if they aren't regularly trimmed. They are pretty in the spring, though, when covered with white blossoms.

I guess she must have heard or seen the branch fall because she kept looking and looking over there, taking a bite of food and then looking again. Much like any cat that comes across something out of place I guess. Sometimes it's kind of fun to watch them when you move something around in the house. They are all like um, what?

Now, for the cats. Aren't you excited? Or maybe these pictures will just make you want to take a nap.

 Buddy is sleeping against the bottom of our metal candle holder. This does not look comfortable to me.

And Mimi flops just wherever, like halfway between the bedroom and the hallway.

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