Friday, March 1, 2013

Taking a Little Break

I made a total profit of about $50.00 on my Etsy shop for the entire month of February, which at least was up from January's $25.00. Ha Ha. So, I'm taking a weekend off from the shop with everything de-activated while I think about what direction to go in. My idea is to offer my cheap to make pins at buy one get one free, so on Monday I'm going to re-open with a bunch of new pins that I'm making this weekend and see if that improves things. I think a lot of the slowdown in sales is because of the ever increasing number of sellers on Etsy, either that or nobody wants my junk anymore.

Who knows, but until I can find some sort of other income or something else to do, I'm bored enough as it is, I can't imagine not having an Etsy shop to work on to relieve some of the there is nothing to do around here thing.

I unfortunately did not win the Publisher's Clearing House $5000.00 a week for life yesterday. Darn.

Keith is getting more and more discouraged about the job prospects in this town after quite a bit of online searching. There really is not much out there that pays more than about $12.00 an hour. As far as we can tell, his unemployment will run out in a few months and I don't know if they are still giving federal extensions, so we may be in big trouble here soon. I've looked to see if there are any jobs for me within walking distance, but not even our two nearby McDonalds are hiring. They are hiring at some of the other McDonalds in town, but with no car and not being able to see to drive at night when I do have a car available (if Keith ever goes back to work and is using the car, that is) it would be difficult to go across town to work. At McDonalds. Ugh.

I checked Walmart's website and nothing open here, either.

Anyway, we are having a gorgeous weather day here, we noticed that all of the trees started blooming a few weeks ago even while snow was on the mountains. I'm looking forward to spring when we save money on heating the house and can actually open a window or two.

I still need to download the snow pictures, it was really pretty when we drove up the mountain, with the rolling hills starting to turn green and  then the snow further up. We should be seeing wildflowers on the hills soon, too. Maybe we'll take a wildflower drive here in a few weeks.

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