Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yes, Still Boring

It's hard to blog when Keith is home all day and it's hard to blog when there is really not much to blog about. We are still  boring and other than a little trip up to see the snow last week, nothing much of anything is going on. He is off right now to see about a welding job that doesn't pay much at all, but he is going crazy (and driving me crazy) being stuck around the house all day. He went to see about a forklift job last week and was told it had been filled weeks ago and they didn't even know that the job was still posted. I'm pretty sure that is what will happen with today's inquiry.

Welding jobs in these parts are not that hard to come by, but companies don't want to pay much more than about $13 an hour for a welder, they are kind of a dime a dozen what with trade schools turning them out weekly and everyone seeming to know how to weld around here. So...

We are so boring that watching Good Morning America has become something I almost look forward to each morning while I'm drinking my coffee. Good thing they don't have soaps on all day like they used to or I'm sure I'd be addicted to those quite quickly.

I really don't feel like making things for Etsy, sales are so bad now that I'm starting to not see the point in continuing even if it is something to occupy my time. The money spent on running a shop could probably be put to better use, though. So, I don't know what to do, really.

I did do a big clean of the house this morning, but being such a small house it really doesn't take all day to clean it. So, what's on TV after I'm done cleaning, ha ha.

 The cats are still being cats, eat sleep poop, eat sleep poop. Bear is kind of liking my early morning couch sitting and watching TV thing, though, she sits and stares at me for a while and then jumps up on the arm of the couch and stares at me some more until I start petting her. And then she bites me if I stop.

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