Saturday, November 3, 2012

Big Sandwich Cute Cats

 Keith made himself the ultimate BLT yesterday. Not only did he pile on the bacon but he put a fried egg on it, too.

One good thing about him not going to work for a while is that I don't have to fix him a sandwich each night for his next days lunch. There is always a silver lining somewhere!

I lazily left my shoes where I took them off the other day and Mimi thought they would make a good pillow.

Then after laying on my shoes, she woke up and went to find Bear, who she knew she could cuddle up next to and Bear thought that Mimi would make a good pillow.

See the new quilt under the cats? I really hated the comforter that was on my bed, it had been washed a few times and was all lumpy, and really too hot to sleep under, so I have been searching for an alternative. I was in Walmart and they had these not the best quality but really cheap quilts on clearance for $20.00. I got one for each of the beds and the cats seem to think that I bought them specifically for them to lay on, because lay on them they have. They really really like the new (cheap) quilts.

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