Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's October

So why is it still so freaking HOT here? Seriously, when you still have to run your air conditioner because it's supposed to be maybe 102 or so here today and it's October, something is up with the weather. Must be that old global warming thing going on here.

I'm so tired of being hot and sweaty.

And, it being October, I'm already dreading, I mean looking forward to, the holiday season. First we have all the little monsters that I have to buy candy for, and then go buy more candy for after *I* eat all the candy. Then we get into the whole turkey eating thing. And then it's the radio station that plays nothing but Christmas music for an entire month and the blow up Santas and reindeer on people's lawns and the whole let's get into giving to charity, but only this month, screw those people the rest of the year. It's too soon, I tell you, too soon!

But the holiday season is supposed to bring cooler weather, so there is a plus side to it all.

What else? Nothing much.

Genie was acting all weird again last weekend, not wanting to eat and running away and hiding from us. I figured that her kidneys were failing again, and not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars more on vet visits for her, we discussed sending her to the big litter box in the sky. Soon after that discussion she started eating again and drank her water and is not hiding, so maybe she heard us talking about her and decided she'd better shape up or she would be shipping out. I know it sounds cruel to talk about putting a cat down, but I think it's crueler to have them be sick and possibly in pain and then not understanding why they are sick and in pain. It's not like you can explain to a cat that they need to take their medicine and drink their water so they will feel better.


I'm looking forward to the first presidential debate this week, normally I don't care all that much about things like that, but I am really hoping that Mitt will put his foot in his mouth again and give us some comic relief. Must be nice to be so rich that you just don't give a s*#t about people who can't afford to join your country club.

And that is all I can think of to talk about today. Yes, still boring.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

You always make me laugh Elizabeth!! :) I'm waiting for Mitt to put his foot in his mouth tonight too, I think a lot of people are. ;)