Thursday, October 4, 2012

Is Summer Finally Over?

I certainly hope so! We are promised a big big cooldown, with temps today only getting into the low 90s instead of 100 like yesterday, and then in the 80s by the weekend (yay!) and then IN THE SEVENTIES!! by next week. Finally! Yes!

It's so nice this morning with being able to open the windows and maybe not having to use the air conditioning until late afternoon. I woke up early this morning because it was hot in here and it felt so good to go outside to feed Lucy and almost feel a chill.

Speaking of Lucy, I was just watching her out in the yard where she saw something in the neighbor's yard, something that I couldn't see but assumed it was a bird, and she started doing her stalking creeping walk thing across our yard and the neighbors and then I guess the bird flew off because she started walking upright and all casual. Like, I wasn't really stalking that bird and didn't really care about catching it anyway.

Since I woke up early, early enough to even see Keith for a few minutes before he went out the door, and since it's cooler today, I actually got myself together enough to start a project I've been thinking about for a few weeks. A kitchen cleanup and redoing the cupboards. I put all the serving and mixing bowls in the same place, moved the plates and bowls to above the dishwasher, and am putting all the glasses and coffee cups over by the refrigerator where the drinks are and also where the coffee pot is. Makes sense to have the coffee cups by the coffee pot, don't you think? I also took all the spices out of the cupboard where they lived in disarray and arranged them in a drawer with the labels up so that you can see what they are. I also threw away half of them after realizing they had expired two years ago.

Now, it's on to the pantry, where I'm going to put the stuff that I never use up high (checking those expiration dates first of course) and try to get that a little more organized so we can actually see what we have to eat in there. I was making some low carb cookies after not having baked anything for a long time and found that the baking powder had expired a long time ago. Maybe I should mark my organizational calendar with pantry clean up and expiration check days. It's so easy to lose things in the back of cupboards and what a waste of money to be constantly throwing things out.

So, that is what I am doing today along with some other housework and stuff. Yesterday I spent most of my time working on some new soldered pendants after getting inspired to try a new technique. I'll probably do some more of that this afternoon, and maybe I'll even catch a breeze through the window instead of the air conditioner vent.

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