Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Borings Strike Again!

Or, What We Did Last Weekend.

Well, it wasn't the weekend but we did go to BJs for dinner for my birthday where I ordered my salad, totally forgetting that I have one tooth on one side of my head that they keep telling me there is nothing wrong with but I know there is because anything cold or crunchy makes my tooth hurt, and on the other side of my head is my new crown, which also hurts when something cold hits it and I can't eat cold salad without one or the other tooth hurting. It's hard to chew salad with only your front teeth.

Just another benefit of getting older, sensitive messed up teeth.

Keith's brother had called him (at work where he doesn't like to get phone calls because he is trying to, you know, WORK!) on Thursday inviting us to come down on Labor Day for dinner or something. We thought about it and really didn't want to face that long boring drive down there and Labor Day isn't like Thanksgiving or something where you really have to accept any invites, so didn't really want to go all that much. Then on Friday there was a near miss on Keith's hand getting broken by his co-worker who is notorious for unsafe work habits and Keith was so upset by it all that he just drove home. I thought he had gotten fired or quit, but he was just too angry to try and keep working. He talked to the big boss on the phone who was all mad at him for not resolving the issue with his yard boss, so he went back to work and kissed a$$ and then was worried all weekend that he would get fired when he went back to work on Tuesday. Savage is all let's be safe but this one individual has been written up many times and has broken equipment and almost hurt other people on the job and is still working there. I told Keith that they were not going to fire him since nobody else ever gets fired there for their screw ups. He was still worried and not in a real good mood so when Bruce called back about us coming down he told him that he really wouldn't be good company and really didn't feel like driving anywhere. Plus, on Saturday morning I drove down Rosedale Hwy and saw big flashing signs about delays going south on the interstate, so it probably would have taken an extra hour or two to get over the mountains. No thanks.

So, Saturday and Sunday were spent in our usual dull ways, errands and cleaning and Keith messing about in the garage building a gate out of old lumber, a gate that we really don't need and it turns out can't be set where he wants it to go because there is a bunch of cement from when the slab for the house was poured where he wanted to set the gate. He has done nothing further inside the house where things really need to be finished. I still don't have doors in the kitchen where the washer and dryer sit inside their cupboard, and the trim in the kitchen still isn't painted, and the back door screen has still not been fixed so we can't open the sliding glass door to let some air in.

Anyway, we did do something on Monday but you are probably totally bored with our boringness by now so I will write about that tomorrow.

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