Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taking A Beating

That's what happened to our bank account last week, it's definitely bruised and bloody.

Not that we went around spending money like drunken sailors, it's been a while since we did anything like that, we just had not one, but two emergency situations involving a cat and a computer.

First off, last weekend we noticed Genie acting all funny, not wanting to eat or drink, and hiding in strange places. She had drool coming out of her mouth and was very lethargic. So, I called our regular vet who was having her own emergency and was not going to be in the office until Tuesday, and then I remembered about the vet down near the post office who has a sign out front that they are open 24/7 so I called them and after Keith got home from work on Monday, we took Genie to the pet hospital.

Where they found that she was running a fever and they would need to do blood tests and x-rays and all that expensive stuff, so we left her there and went home, planning to come back in a few hours for the results. Which were inconclusive but she seemed to be in kidney failure and have some sort of infection. She tested negative for the usual pet diseases but her kidneys were small and weird looking and she was extremely dehydrated, so we decided to leave her overnight so they could keep an eye on her and hook her up to some fluids. She ended up staying two nights and without further testing for things like diabetes, still no conclusive results on what is wrong with her. She is old for a cat, at 10 years, and we really don't want to run even more tests that cost lots of money, so since she seemed to be feeling a lot better, we brought her home with some amoxycillin to give her. Which totally freaks her out when we try to give it to her and sends her into further hiding.

She does seem to be a feeling a lot better now, we are just trying to get her to drink more fluids, with cat milk and chicken broth being offered. She doesn't seem all that interested in it, but the little black cat from next door sure is! She leaves the bowl and he comes around right after.

So, money spent on the cat that we really didn't want to have to spend, but you can't just let a cat linger and die, although we did think about just sending her to the big litter box in the sky if you get my drift, and if she gets sick again and her kidneys start to fail then that is what we will probably do.

Then, Keith is browsing news videos on the computer and it dies a sudden death. Do we want to spend a few hundred dollars on fixing the old outdated computer or just go get a new one? The new one won out, so now we have a much smaller and quieter computer, but everyone is telling us we should have just gotten a laptop. After the fact of course, and we are so dumb about computer stuff that we really don't know what we are doing. It's like we speak a different language when we go into Best Buy and we have to find a translator who can tell us what we want.

It's weird getting used to a new system, the keyboard is driving me nuts because I keep hitting the caps lock instead of the letter A. We had the geek squad guy come out and transfer all the files from the old computer for us and also hook up a wireless router so that we can eventually move the computer to the workroom. When Keith finally builds the built in corner desk that he bought the wood for about 3 years ago.

So, new cat and new computer and a new big balance on the credit card, but I don't have to shut down my Etsy shop for lack of a computer and Keith can now keep looking for a new job since you have to have a computer these days for job searching. He heard rumors that this coming Friday would be their last day, and then no, they have work until spring, so nobody knows what's going on but everyone wishes they would just get it over with and lay everyone off so they can all go on to something else instead of just being jerked around and living in constant uncertainty.

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