Friday, September 14, 2012

Blue Man Group?

So, last night we are watching the finale of America's Got Talent, my summer addiction show. I've been watching for the last four years and each year I've been able to predict the winner, and each year it's been a male singer. So, this year when all of the singers were eliminated I was stumped as to who was going to win. I really liked the guy with the big harp thing and as some of the judges said, would pay to go see him. Well, maybe not because I'm so cheap, but I'd definitely watch him on TV or listen to his music.

Another of my favorites was David Garibaldi, so much fun to watch him do his art, and a live show would be awesome. Loved Tom Cotter, too, and also liked the other awkward comedian, but he kind of bombed his last time up.

And the dogs, well, what can you say about cute dogs doing backflips and jumping rope? Just adorable, is all.

So, I was glad the dogs won and I think a lot of the reason that they won is because the older man that had to have subtitles so that you could understand what he was saying just kind of tugged on America's heartstrings. They saw an immigrant who's worked with and loved his dogs for years and years and decided to reward him. Not to mention that the dogs are ADORABLE! And we all want to take them home with us.

So, we are watching the show and Keith is getting ready for bed but decides to stay up long enough to see the Blue Man Group because we were both wondering why they are so famous and what it is exactly that they do.

Stupid stuff, that is what they do, stupid annoying untalented stuff. We were both definitely NOT impressed and why anyone would pay money to see these guys doing STUPID STUFF I'll never know.

But wait, these guys perform (if you really want to call it that) in LAS VEGAS and people who go to see their shows are probably DRUNK OFF THEIR ASSES and that is why they find it amusing.

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