Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Boring

We really are incredibly boring. Our weekend was spent grocery shopping and some other errands and then really nothing much of anything else. Keith was supposed to be doing some work in the backyard, planting the wisteria and other plants that have been sitting in their pots patiently waiting to be planted for weeks and weeks now. They still didn't get planted because he got distracted by another project that popped into his already full brain, so most of his weekend was spent in his usual distracted way with nothing really getting done. It was also very hot, which doesn't help the brain stay focused or the body willing to work on backyard things.


We scheduled his every three years colonoscopy for the middle of August. They have a new clean your colon out stuff you have to drink that is a much smaller amount of liquid than the old clean your colon out stuff. Instead of drinking a gallon of vile liquid, it is now a two day process of only 16 ounces of vile liquid each day, followed by two 16 ounce cups of water. But, you are supposed to drink the first glass at 6 pm the night before your 'procedure' after a day of fasting, and then drink the second glass five hours before your procedure. Which according to my watch would be about 3:30 am since he is supposed to be there at 8:30. I don't imagine he would get all that much sleep the night before anyway since if you drink colon cleanser at 6 pm it sounds like you would be spending most of the night on the toilet. Fun, fun, fun.

I was making salad for dinner last night and was cutting up some little grape tomatoes into slices and was thinking about making BLTs with tiny grape tomatoes. And how you would have to  make them on the little cocktail slices of bread with bacon bits and baby lettuce. Tiny tomatoes equal tiny sandwiches.

I have been busy with new ideas for pins for the shops and some new vintage books to cut up. I found a brand new site to try out and have free listings for a year. It may be a huge waste of time, but it's very fast to list and I like the responsiveness of the people who run the thing when someone has a question or suggestion.
It's called shopdelighted and my shop is here:

And that is about all that is going on around here. It's hot and that makes us lazy.

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