Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How To Scare A Cat

Open the hall closet door. Roll the vacuum cleaner out of the closet. That's all it takes to see cats scatter. And if you really want to scare them bring the shop vacuum out from the garage and use it to try and clean the cat hair off of the cat tower, because it's REALLY LOUD.

Another good way to scare a cat is to sneeze. Buddy was laying on the couch in between us the other night, Keith sneezed, and Buddy shot off of that couch like a rocket. Then he gets all mad  and meows his mad at us meow.

Can you tell that this summer so far has been rather boring? It's too hot to do much so we haven't done much.

Keith is also a little worried about the future of his job and may see it go away this fall. The power plants that burn coal that his company delivers by truck from the silos full of coal that the trains bring into the yard are not going to be burning coal anymore but rather some other fuel. They are hoping to keep the railcar repair department going, but unless they make a good profit it looks like the whole shebang may be shut down. We are in wait and see and don't spend any unnecessary money mode.

Even TV is boring what with the Olympics on all the time and us not being very interested in the Olympics. We did watch most of the opening festivities, with the best part being Mr. Bean and The Queen jumping out of a helicopter. The rest of it was just kind of weird and if they didn't have the announcers kind of explaining things I don't think anyone watching would have known what the heck was going on. I do like watching the athletes come into the arena because it's like a geography lesson, with countries I've never heard of, however I got too sleepy around the middle of the alphabet and went to bed.

So, what's up for this week? Not much, I'm doing a shop makeover on Etsy and adding a bunch of new things, and closing the charm shop tomorrow. Then maybe I'll actually do some of the housework on my calendar of events. Maybe.

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Heather on Meerkat said...

We call the vacuum the "green scary thing". Dog hates it.