Thursday, June 21, 2012

What to Eat?

So, I'm walking through Target this morning after dropping off some packages at Office Depot to go out in the mail. And thank you Office Depot for providing a drop off your packages and the post office will pick them up type service! You save me so much gas money and time spent driving to the post office!

Anyway, I'm looking for some low carb tortillas because here I am totally uninspired as to what to make for dinner tonight as usual, and maybe we'll have some chicken tacos. We have chicken and cheese, all we need is some tortillas. I'm also looking for something for lunch, because I do get hungry but nothing sounds good and when you are supposed to eat low carb your choices for lunch are so extremely limited. Can't have a sandwich, and certainly not a hamburger and fries from the nearest fast food place, no pizza, no mac and cheese, not much of anything really. Yesterday I had some vegetable soup that I made over the weekend but you kind of want a damn grilled cheese sandwich with your soup, you know?

I'm wandering the food aisles and realize that almost everything that is sold in the Target food aisles is something I can't eat. Oatmeal? No. Cereal? No. Canned pasta? No. Rice? No. Crackers? No. Ready to go frozen meals? Not hardly, just about every one is pasta based or has pasta in it or potatoes. Not to mention that frozen meals really don't taste all that great, they are just very convenient. Chips? Absolutely not. Vegetables? Yes, but I'm sorry, a plate full of vegetables does not fill you up. And I'm not that fond of most vegetables anyway. Salad? Yes, but the premixed bags of salad always taste funny to me, and then there is the dressing that I like lots of on my salad, way full of calories and fat but oh so good. And, no, I do not like diet salad dressing. Ugh.

Soup? Yes, but in checking the backs of the labels for nutrition information, most have a lot of carbs because they have pasta in them or rice and most have tons of sodium. I did find an organic brand of chicken and rice soup that isn't quite so bad so I'm going to try that for my lunch today.

I'm so bored with food. I'm at the point where I wouldn't even bother except that I get SO HUNGRY. But there is nothing to eat!

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Heather on Meerkat said...

I make my own salad dressing with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. Way better than that diet shit. I'm bored with trying to figure out dinner too...