Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Mystery of the Mysteriously Moving Water Dish

We got a new water fountain dish for our cats recently. We used to have a rather expensive one that was kind of big and round and was a real pain in the you know what to keep clean, and then it started to deteriorate with the minerals in the water making weird stains inside the dish. We gave up on it after a few years use and were just putting down water bowls that constantly needed to be freshened because cats like clean fresh water and would just prefer it if you held them so they could drink right from the faucet all the time.

I was buying cat food in walmart, one of my many many trips to walmart to buy cat food, and I saw a new kind of water dish fountain that was much less expensive than our old one (purchased at Petco where everything is overpriced) and also smaller. It's called the Cat Cube. Because it's cube shaped, duh. So, I got one and we set it up and put it conveniently on the floor by the center island cabinet wall and the cats seemed to like it and it's a lot easier to clean with less moving parts than the old one.

Except that every day I would come into the kitchen and the cat cube would be a little askew. I'm one of those people who like things lined up neatly, a picture hanging crooked on a wall will drive me nuts. So, every day I would scoot the cat cube back against the cabinet wall so that it was neatly in its place. And then I would find it askew again.

Is it moving around by itself? I know I'm not knocking against it when I walk through the kitchen because I would remember that, and I would immediately put it back in its nicely aligned against the cabinet wall spot. Is there a cat cube poltergeist in our house that is moving the cat cube every day just to annoy me? Are we having small earthquakes that can't be felt and only disturb the cat cube?

Well, yesterday the mystery was solved. Keith happened to be in the kitchen when Harri came in for a drink, and apparently Harri does not like the cat cube neatly aligned against the cabinet wall and prefers to drink from it after she takes her paw and moves the cat cube to an angle where she can refresh herself in complete askew comfort.

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