Friday, June 1, 2012

What I Learned Today

Do not leave your black rubber crocs on the back porch in full sun while you go into the house to wash your hands because they are dirty from gardening. They will start to melt.

Today it is supposed to be our first day of the above one hundred degrees days of the season. The news weather teams do keep track each year. Because there is nothing else to do around here. It is hot out there but maybe I'm getting more used to the brutal summers up here in hot summer land.

I spent the mid-morning mowing the front yard and starting to do the badly needed cleaning up of the back yard flower beds and all the trimming that needs to be done on our overgrown shrubs and picking up the not yet ripe fruit that is already falling from the peach and plum trees. Not yet ripe fruit that is a hazard when you are trying to walk around out there and step on a hard green plum. Peach and plum trees that I wish were not there because they are way more trouble than they are worth. The fruit never tastes that good, fruit that I don't eat because I'm not supposed to eat sugary fruit, and I never really liked plums and peaches all that much anyway. Now nectarines, maybe. I think we will be chopping down those two trees next year before they start to bear and then we won't have that mess to deal with.

The patio mister system worked really well so that I didn't get too hot out there today, but now I'm exhausted. I'm not used to quite so much physical labor in one day. Tomorrow morning early we'll both get out there and finish up and finally get the tables put away and the barbecue cleaned up. It's only been a mess for two weeks now. That's not much time for us procrastinating type people.

So, did you see the news about the bear running around the school where they were trying to hold a graduation on the other side of town? Yahoo picked up on it and I think Good Morning America did, too. The bear ended up running through an apartment complex where it was finally tranquilized and taken back where it belongs.

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