Monday, June 4, 2012

I Just Wanted Some Iced Coffee

We had a very busy weekend, working in the back yard cleaning out the flower beds and planting fresh new flowers and potting flowers so we can have lots of color out there, but more on that another day. I was getting tired by mid afternoon yesterday what with all the planting and weeding and all and decided to go across town to get some craft supplies that only one store carries, the store that happens to be downtown. The store that I hardly ever go to because it's kind of a long drive on a very busy road.

But, Sunday afternoons apparently are the time to drive across town, maybe everyone is already tired of driving around and have finished all of their Sunday errands and are now relaxing in the backyard with a beer or sitting watching Nascar in their living rooms. Because they certainly weren't on Rosedale Highway. They weren't downtown either.

Weekends in the downtown area, especially Sundays, are almost kind of spooky because so many businesses are closed so nobody has any reason to be there, and you feel like you are in one of those apocalypse type movies and are the last surviving human being.

Anyway, I got my shopping done and headed for home, thinking I would really like an iced coffee but if I get one for me then I really should bring one home for Keith, too, and where should I stop to get one? I don't patronize Starbucks very often because it's just a little too pretentious and expensive for me, there is a McDonalds downtown that would be very convenient, and McDonalds iced coffees are very delicious, but if I get the iced coffees now and then drive all the way back home they might be a little watery by the time I get there. How about the Jack in the Box right by the house? Handy and the iced coffee won't have time to melt.

I haven't had a Jack in the Box iced coffee since last summer when we would stop by the one near the post office because on a hot day when you are driving to the post office in a hot car, an iced coffee really hits the spot. So, I pull into the Walmart shopping center where the Jack in the Box is and am immediately sorry because the traffic is so heavy in the parking lot (everyone who would normally be driving around downtown is apparently at Walmart today) that I have to wait for about 10 cars before I can even pull into Jack in the Box's parking lot. Where instead of parking and going inside to order like I always do, I never go through the drive-through, this one time I'm feeling extra hot from being in the car despite the air conditioning and extra lazy from all the yard work earlier in the day, and I decide to drive through. I don't see any cars in line so it should be a breeze, right? And in a few minutes I should have my refreshing and delicious iced coffee.

So, I pull up to the drive through speaker box and of course they ask if I want to try some new food that I can't really understand what they are saying and I say no, just two large iced coffees and they say I'm sorry we don't serve iced coffee anymore. WHAT? NO ICED COFFEE!?!

Okay, thanks anyway, and how do I get out of the drive through, do I attempt to back up down the half circle that I have just driven up, and can I do that without running over the curb, or worse, hitting one of their menu signs? Well, too late now since someone has just driven up behind me and I am now stuck. I drive forward and realize there are 3 cars in front of me waiting for their food, so now I am really stuck, and it seems like it takes forever for the 3 cars in front of me to get their food and drive away, and moral of the story is never go through the drive through ever again, which I normally wouldn't have done anyway because I always, except for this one time, this last and only time, park and walk into any fast food establishment.

I came home without the iced coffee because by now I really don't want to drive around trying to find someone who still sells iced coffee.

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