Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ironing Bored

I do have an ironing board, and even an iron that I can never remember where it's kept. I used to iron clothes all the time, back when I ironed right after doing the laundry and then hung up the nice crisp clothes. I made clothes for myself and ironed as I sewed seams, and I made little dresses for Jennifer and ironed those. I ironed so much that the ironing board was always set up in the dining room of our house.

When I went to work and wore nice outfits I would iron them as I dressed each day, since freshly ironed clothes crammed into a tiny closet would get wrinkled again just from being crammed into the closet. Then I started ironing a week's worth of outfits on Sundays, hanging them carefully so they wouldn't get all wrinkled up again. Planning my week's outfits ahead of time made having to get up and dress for work a little bit easier, since all of the deciding what to wear was already done.

Then I stopped wearing nice outfits because when you work at Walmart you don't need nice clothes, just some pants and a tee shirt and I would buy pants that didn't need ironing. And then when I quit Walmart and started working from home, I didn't have any clothes that really needed ironing on a regular basis, so the ironing board was retired and folded up and put in a closet, only to come out on very rare occasions.

Then I bought a button up summer shirt and after its first washing realized that it is a shirt that needs ironing. Which is why I've only worn it a couple of times. I wanted to wear it last weekend so had to go set up the ironing board and find the iron. I ironed, put on my shirt, and then came back to put away the ironing board and found Mimi all comfortable lying next to the still warm iron and on top of the cord. So, I just left the ironing board set up for a while and was glad that I had turned off the iron right after using it.

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Wow pretty eyes on that one.