Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cat Lamp!

First off, we did a bunch of things this past holiday weekend other than cleaning up the back yard. The door on sawhorses that we used for a table is still there and the folding tables are still there, but at least we did clean  up the trash. Keith was supposed to put away the tables yesterday but he spent most of the day in a lawn chair drinking beer. Which is what you are supposed to do on a holiday weekend I guess. And then he grilled some london broil and carrots for dinner.

The cat lamp. Last summer when we went to pick up Dusty and Genie from Las Vegas, James was living in total chaos in the Vegas house, trying to sort through the years and years of accumulated junk, selling what he could at yard sales, and filling huge dumpsters with the rest of it. He told us to look around the house and see if there was anything we wanted, which was pretty much nothing, except for the CAT LAMP that was on the counter in the kitchen. A lamp that used to be called a TV lamp, apparently back in the fifties or whenever, people would put a decorative lamp on top of their brand new huge TV console cabinet, maybe so if the TV show wasn't so interesting, they could look at the lamp instead. The cat lamp was wonderful, a ceramic pair of siamese cats with some plastic or resin eyes, with a light bulb fixture in the hollow back of the bottom of the lamp. Awesome! And I wanted it! I asked James how much he wanted for the lamp, fully intending to pay at least $50.00 for this wonderful lamp, but he was keeping it as a sentimental reminder of Dusty and Genie, the two siamese cats that we were there to bring home.

Well, okay, I will get over my disappointment at not getting THE LAMP and I'm kind of sorry that I asked because I know how much you miss your Grandma and you will miss the cats, too. And I sure don't expect you to sell me something that has so much sentimental value for you.

So, I put the lamp out of my mind, hoping it would help to ease James' each time he looked at it, and bring back happy memories of Grandma and kitty cats for him.

Well, this Saturday we decided to go downtown and browse the antique stores, something that we haven't done since last year when we went shopping on support your local small business day. We wandered a few stores, finding a few knick knacks and some melmac dinnerware at bargain prices, and then went into the Five and Dime antique store (in the old Woolworth's building) mainly to use their rest rooms, because by now I was getting a little tired and was about done shopping. But how I love that store for actually providing a public restroom unlike so many other towns where the stores will not let you use the restroom and you have to drive around looking for a McDonalds or someplace else with a toilet.

Anyway, I wanted to just use the restroom and go, but Keith said since we are here we might as well look around.

And then I saw it.


And I bought it.

And I love it.

Even though we don't have a big TV console to put it on.


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Linda said...

You might want to get some of that earthquake putty stuff (hardware stores have it) that you can put on the bottom of your cat lamp to help it stick to whatever it's sitting on... on account of the cats maybe knocking it over & breaking it & your heart! We bought a cool glass lamp at Salvation Army for 10 bucks, clear glass with white polka dots, gave it a shade & put it in Shannon's room. The cats have knocked it over twice. We tried the putty, but the lamp has felt on the bottom & it won't stick. Need to figure out what we can replace the bottom with that the putty will stick to.