Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicken Dinner Recipe

For those lazy I Really Hate to Cook people like me.

1/ get in the car
2/ drive to El Pollo Loco because you saw a commercial on TV the other night and Keith said how much he likes El Pollo Loco chicken.
3/ order the mixed 8 piece chicken because while you only eat the breasts and really dislike thighs and legs Keith likes them and can take the leftovers to work with him for lunch the next day. It's a win for me because then I don't have to fix him a sandwich. Which I really hate doing but since I'm the one who doesn't have to go to a day job feel obligated to do so. Plus, he asked me to.
4/ pay for your chicken and sides and step down the counter.
5/ see a sign for chicken tamales AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!
6/ go back to the cashier and order 4 chicken tamales because that sounds so good and Keith can take those to work for lunch, too.
7/ pay the cashier again and step down the counter again.
8/ grab the bag of food when our name is called and get back in the car.
9/ go home and enjoy chicken that you didn't have to cook and some really good tamales that are just right, not too spicy.
10/ make a mental note to yourself to go back to El Pollo Loco and get more tamales. soon.

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