Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shick Intuition Razor

Does anyone enjoy shaving their legs? It's one of those maintenance chores that I don't think anyone really likes to have to do but we do it so that we don't look like Sasquatch. It does seem that as I've gotten older my legs aren't quite as hairy as they used to be, I don't know if it's one of the very few perks of aging (the only other perk that comes to mind right now is the not having to buy tampons anymore thing) or if the hairs on my legs have just given up and quit growing back after having been shaved off every few days for the last 45 years. But, they still need shaving what with warmer weather coming along and capri pants being pulled out of winter storage.

I used to have a razor that worked fairly well with only one or two nicks per shaving session, but the last time I went to buy a new one I couldn't find one. It was cheaper to buy a new one that had a few refill cartridges in with the razor than to buy just the refill package, so every few months I would just buy the whole new razor. The last time I couldn't find it in the store I bought some of those disposable razors for a few dollars and what a waste of money those were. Ouch is about all I can say about those. Not fun at all to use.

So, this time I looked around at what other razors there are out there and saw this Intuition razor that sort of looked like my old razor but promised moisturizing shaves or something like that. It was very very expensive, as all razors seem to be these days, but it was on sale for a few dollars off plus you got a $5.00 Target gift card if you bought two similar products. So, I got the razor and a package of refills.

The razor has this weird thing where the blades are and at first I was like what the heck is this, but then I shaved my legs and the weird thing where the blades are is solid moisturizer lathering stuff, kind of a like a solid deodorant, and when you shave you don't feel the razor and all. It's really quite amazing (if anything to do with shaving can be called amazing) and almost (but not quite) fun to shave your legs with this razor. It feels kind of like you are gliding a bar of soap along your leg. And it seems to do the trick as far as getting rid of that leg stubble.

So, I'm sold and even though this razor is crazy expensive I'll be using this brand until they quit making it like they did my other brand of razor.

Unfortunately, this post was not sponsored by Shick, but if you want to send me free razors please do!

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