Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meat Will Murder You!

So,did you hear about the new study that shows that eating just one serving a day of red meat will shorten your life? I'm sure the beef council will be having something to say about that. And who pays for these studies anyway? The vegan council?

All of the vegans, most of whom seem to be quite self righteous about their veganism as it is are now thumbing their noses even more at us carnivores and will now be even MORE self righteous if that's even possible. Vegans are kind of like fundamentalist Christians, they just can't shut up about their religion and want to impose their views on the rest of the world, warning us that we are going straight to HELL if we don't change our ways and join their church.

These studies just take the fun out of everything, don't they? Better not grill up that steak tonight! Bad stuff that meat!


We don't eat a lot of red meat as it is since it's also linked to colon cancer, but once in a while a big juicy hamburger does hit the spot, doesn't it? Even if it does have the ammonia treated pink slime meat by-products in it. Yum.

I heard back from the doctor's office about my blood work and I don't have lupus and my thyroid meds are working fine with my thyroid levels being okay, too. I have noticed that the cortisone cream seems to be slowing down the hair loss with a lot less hair coming out in my brush. I go see the dermatologist next week so maybe we'll find out for sure what's going on with my bald spot.

We are supposed to (finally) get some rain this weekend. Which we desperately need so that we'll have some water this summer. A few weeks ago we had a cloudy cold front blow in but we never saw any rain from it.

Just cold wind and gray skies.

Mimi was trying to squish in next to Bear in the cat bed that same day, I thought it was funny that her leg was hanging out of the bed, but she seemed quite comfortable.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

your cats are so cute all snuggled up like that! hope you get some rain, it's been awful and windy here lately...