Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Finally. A little rain yesterday. And winter is back. Last Friday it felt like summer was on its way, like most of the country we had record highs last week, sunny skies and warm weather. Then the cold blew back in over the weekend and yesterday it was windy and cold, cold enough to where I decided to wait until Keith got home with the car to run my errands. It sprinkled a few times throughout the day here in town, but up in Wasco where Keith works it actually hailed on and off for about 20 minutes.

It never rained enough here to where Lucy got all freaked out until after dark last night when I opened the front door to check on her and she was huddled up by the door because everywhere else was pretty wet and while it was just kind of sprinkling, it was enough to soak things pretty well. So, we got her situated in the garage for overnight, where she could be dry and out of the wind. Not that it's much warmer in the garage, but it is dry. She has a favorite spot to curl up where we have a cushion and towel for her to sleep on and she seems perfectly content out there. I wish we could bring her back into the house but every time she comes in she gets very aggressive and all of the other cats get very nervous.

Sunday night we watched the movie Contagion, which surprised me with how many big name actors were in it. It was actually an interesting movie and kind of a statement on how people act when faced with a crisis. Just like you'd expect them to act, me first and I'm going to break into your house to steal your food. Did I say we watched Drive and we both really liked that one. It's kind of a quiet movie except for the violent parts of course, but I think that's what makes it even more effective, the contrast between the quiet and the violence. Not that I'm a movie critic and know what I'm talking about.

Then after Contagion was over I turned on the last hour or so of the Grammy awards show. I was just in time to see Adele perform and win 3 of her 6 awards, and good for her, but then when they went to that night club with the dj's 'performing' and whatever band that was, I had to turn the sound off on the TV because it was just horrible. And even more horrible was that Nicki Minaj thing. Disgusting and disturbing, but everybody's talking about it, so her purpose was served.

We also rearranged our living room this weekend, which I will take pictures of tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How is the other outside cat coping with the wet weather? Our adopted outdoor cat has not been so anxious to spend the nights outside lately, lol.

geelizzie said...

The other outside cat has a shed that she can go into, but sometimes she just sits out in the rain. I don't think she is the sharpest crayon in the box.