Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Already?

I don't know what I've been doing this week to make the week go by so fast, but here it is Friday again. And, really, with the exception of making some new soldered pendants and the usual cleaning up after cats and halfheartedly cooking some dinners, I have not done much of anything at all. I haven't been feeling all that well this week, last Saturday after going to the zoo in the wind we stopped for lunch at Juicy Burger, which is now the only place in Bakersfield that I will ever eat a hamburger again, not to mention french fries, because once you've gone Juicy Burger you just can't imagine eating a hamburger from McDonalds or Carl's Jr. ever again. Anyway, while I'm eating my delicious Juicy Burger, which definitely isn't on our diet but we're going to treat ourselves once a month or so despite dietary restrictions, my throat felt kind of funny, not sore but a little scratchy and not right. I realized that I had a big lump in my throat where a lump shouldn't be. My gland under my jaw was all swollen so I thought maybe I was coming down with a throat infection or something.

Keith is all maybe you should go to the doctor as I spent the rest of the weekend waiting for other symptoms to appear and checking the size of my enlarged throat gland or lymph node or whatever it's called. By the start of the week my glands under my tongue were also enlarged and red, but no other symptoms. Okay, if it keeps up for more than a week I'll make an appointment, but other than feeling a little run down and tired all week no sore throat or cold or anything else ever manifested itself.

And then yesterday I realized that the glands under my tongue were going back to normal and the under the jaw glands also seemed smaller. So, after googling reasons that my glands would be swollen and finding out that they swell up to fight infection, I'm thinking that whatever was trying to get infected was thwarted by my fighting infection glands and they seem to have done their job. So, for now I'll just keep an eye on them and if they swell up again, then I'll go to the doctor to see what's up.

So, that's what I've been doing all week.

Last night we rented Drive from the Red Box to watch. Excellent movie!

I've been thinking about joining Netflix so that we can just be lazy and rent movies through the mail but for some reason every time I try to get on their site to set up an account all I get is a screen about enabling cookies and I go check to make sure my cookies are enabled, which they are, but I'm never able to get past that screen. Maybe that's why they are in big financial trouble, nobody can get past the cookie screen to join up?

For Christmas we got the cats a new kitty condo. It came in a box and you had to put it together yourself, and while it's nice and has lots of places for cats to lay, the platforms are really not big enough for an average sized cat. It's made in China of course, so we're thinking that the Chinese don't know how big a cat is since they probably don't have very many cats that make it to adulthood there.

It's also not very well designed for ease of jumping from one platform to another. The fatter cats like Bear really have a hard time getting up very far on it, Bear was kind of hanging like a rock climber with her front paws on one level and her back paws on another and was just struggling away trying to lift her fat little body up. She never did make it, I had to go rescue her. Again, the Chinese must not have had an actual cat to test this thing out on.

We put the old ratty cat condos in our bedroom by the window so now all of the cats lay around in the bedroom on the old condos instead of the new one. They do use the new one quite a bit but seem to prefer the bedroom for most of their napping needs. The new one is good for scratching on and the rope doesn't shred all over the floor like the carpet covered one always did.

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